• The Law Office of "Olga Iovu"

    The Law Office of “Olga Iovu” has the exclusive purpose of helping you in any legal issue.

The principles on which we base our work are:






Our Services

Legal advice

Consultation means legal advice after becoming familiar with your problem. For this to be more effective, we usually ask clients to initially send all documents available in connection with a specific issue. After getting acquainted with them, the person is invited to a face-to-face consultation. It is even better if you come with your written ideas on how you see this problem from your point of view. When you just talk, you can forget important details, unlike a written statement of the problem. There are no minor nuances in legal matters. Sometimes a fact seems unimportant, but you need to tell your attorney everything – and the attorney will figure out what will be useful and what can be put aside.

Representing the interests of clients in negociations, in courts and other public institutions

We deal with different categories of cases, including civil (divorce, division of assets, inheritance issues and more), labor disputes, administrative, economic and criminal cases. Depending on the specific situation, an agreement may be concluded for the provision of legal services in one procedural action or for a whole range of services, which may include familiarization with the participant’s case, drafting statements of claim, petitions, inquiries, participation in court hearings of all levels. We negotiate on behalf of the client with contractors, opponents, bailiffs and other categories of persons.

The development of legal documents

The development of legal documents for citizens and entrepreneurs is an important process in their activities. Enterprises and individual entrepreneurs in various fields of activity are constantly faced with the solution of everyday tasks for drawing up a contract, act, regulation, etc. Any business activity is impossible without registration of documentation. And the most important thing is that the prepared document satisfies and protects your interests. That is why we recommend contacting a specialist in the field and not doing this personally.

About Attorney’s Office Olga Iovu

Lawyer, PhD in law Olga Iovu

is activating in Law firm “Olga Iovu”

professional experience more than 12 years

is a member of the Bar Association of Moldova

is a lecturer at the University of European Studies Moldova

is activating based on the lawyer’s license no. 3022 issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova

Laywer Olga Iovu activates on the following principles:

– First of all – I tend to get result, success in every case! And of course – continuous improvement, professionalism, competence, and responsibility in the problems proposed for solving, and, what is very importantly, confidentiality. All the information received from the client remains there.

The law firm “Olga Iovu” has the exclusive purpose of helping you in any legal issue

The services include:

1. Consultations on legal issues.

2. Legal expertise of documents and litigious situations.

3. Elaboration of legal documents.

4. Representing the interests of clients in the courts.

5. Participation in negotiations and exercise of representation functions.

6. Representation of interests on criminal, civil (divorce, property sharing, etc.), commercial, administrative litigation, labor disputes, etc.

There is also the possibility of signing a contract for the provision of lawyer services with legal entities, for a possible collaboration and assistance.

We guarantee quality services at the best price!



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